Go Au Naturale With Natural Remedies For Detoxification


Have you been feeling a bit sluggish lately? Or maybe you’ve been facing the agony of body aches and the nuisance of digestive problems of late? Then, it is probably time to try out a body detoxification. No, detoxification is no myth; the ancient practice of detoxification dates back to the early centuries when cleaning your body inside out was the only way to rid yourself of noxious toxins.

In the present day and age, there are numerous companies claiming to help you out when it comes to detoxification, but you shouldn’t fall victim to their gimmicks. Keep in mind that natural detox is the best way to go. It is the safest and most convenient option since you can do it at home yourself. Here are eight natural ways of cleansing your body –

1) Your body requires hugh quantities of fibre; makes sure you give your body what it needs. Brown rice, organic fruits and vegetables including cabbage, radishes, chlorella, artichokes, seaweed are just some of the fibrous food items you must include in your diet.

2) Did you know that there are a few special herbs which can help protect and cleanse your liver? Head to the local supermarket today, and get your share of burdock, milk thistle and dandelion roots!

3) Intake of sufficient quantities of Vitamin C (in the form of citric fruits) would release a compound called glutathione in your body; this has been proven to help drive away toxins from your body.

4) You must have heard your mother and grandmother telling you again and again to drink large quantities of water. Now you might dismiss it as one of those outdated remedies we tend to ignore, but clearly they knew what they were talking about. Water is the only drink that really purifies you from within.

5) Breathing exercises would go a long way in improving your blood circulation. If your circulatory system is well regulated, the entry of toxins can be prevented, or at least reduced.

6) Have you ever tried out hydrotherapy? It basically asks you to alternately run hot and cold water on sensitive areas of your body for a few minutes. That would relax your muscles, and help you unwind.

7) One hour of yoga works like a magic if you want to detox. It could also help you burn calories and lose weight in the process.  That really is the most important and effective way of detoxification. In fact, there exist exercise systems, which have been specially designed for cleansing purposes.

8) Eating healthy is a significant part of detoxification. There are countless detox recipes which can guide you with an effective diet plan. You can even add some special detox beverages which would wash out the toxins from your body. But before you try any of these out, do consult a doctor to make sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

Now that you’ve taken the first step towards detoxification, well done! The challenge, however, lies in seeing it through; keep telling yourself that detox is critical for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s sure to keep you motivated.

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