Fentanyl Addiction: Arlington Heights Doctors Should Receive Further Training

Opiate Drug Abuse in the United States Today; A Major Problem for not Just Arlington Heights

Sadly, there has been a pretty strong and concerning increase in drug and alcohol abuse all across the nation, but it is the opiate problem that has been found to be the most concerning of them all by far and in a big way too.  The only way that can be a possibility of healing this widely epidemic drug problem would be to keep implementing different drug rehabs in the state of Illinois such as the drug rehab Arlington Heights. Unfortunately, little has thus far been done to address and examine these issues for what they really are, but most definitely do need to be addressed if any actual positive change is going to occur in and around these areas.  For example:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (www.cdc.gov), says that states have a major role to play in combating the heroin epidemic as it occurs within their own borders.  In particular, states need to work to reduce abuse of prescription opioid painkillers, the strongest risk factor for heroin use.  What happens here is that individuals start to abuse prescription drugs and then, when they cannot get ahold of them anymore or they become too expensive, they proceed to start using heroin which is often cheaper and more plentiful.

Although the various and assorted non-medical use and abuse of OxyContin was in fact very rare in the year of 2000, the NHSDA, (www.nhsda.gov), data offered to the nation show us evidence of an emerging problem in this category by far.  The estimated number of lifetime non-medical OxyContin users increased from 221,000 in 1999 to 399,000 in the year of 2000.  The 2000 NHSDA was not designed to report the current use of OxyContin in any way, shape, or form, or else it would have shown an increase in this range too.

Further Training for Those Who Must Personally Address the Opiate Nightmare in and Around Arlington Heights: Something that is Very Much Needed and Wanted

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, particularly when it comes to opiate abuse and addiction, is a major and serious issue as it is currently occurring in and around Arlington Heights and in a big way too.  This is why the medical first responders, doctors, pharmacists, and rehab staff of this area need to know exactly how to address opiate addiction properly.

Fentanyl’s potency is easily one of the reasons it is being seen more often in the Chicago area, since a smuggler can carry 50 to 100 times more doses than for a similar-sized shipment of morphine or heroin.  According to law enforcement officers in and around this area, some of the danger is also because fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and its production is not dependent on poppies. Because of this, “a small mistake in preparing or manufacturing or preparing the drug may result in a product that’s highly toxic or lethal when that may not be the intended outcome.”

Essentially, the Chicago area is suffering a major epidemic when it comes to opiate use and abuse.  An epidemic of any kind must be treated with the same kind of concern and consternation that any other major health issue is treated, and that is with care and consideration and a drug rehab Chicago program for the state of Illinois.

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