An Unpopular Word: Feminism

Last year, at the United Nations, Emma Watson gave an inspiring speech to delegates about the word “feminist”. She explained that the word has a negative connotation. It is believed that only women can be feminists and the feminism movement is to overrule men. On the contrary, feminism is the fight for gender equality. Watson explains that the more she has advocated for feminism, the more she is realizing the general public believes that the fight for women’s rights has become synonymous with man hating. This is not at all what feminists intend to accomplish in their movement.

After Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto saw Emma Watson’s speech, she immediately wanted to participate in the movement. Watson explains that women often don’t like to associate with the word because of the public perception. Soon, it became Mandy Liang’s mission make the word “feminism” a positively perceived word again that both men and women can associate with.

Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto spoke began by word of mouth. She told her friends, her family, her colleagues, her teachers, and even her competitors at pageants. The ambitious young woman was using the most effective way of marketing but it wasn’t generating enough buzz at the rate she wanted. Mandy then gathered all her knowledge from her business classes in university and the skills she’s acquired through her hands on experience to put on a festival for feminists. The hardest part of launching the festival advertising campaign was determining the most effective ways to reach her desired male audience.

Mandy’s goal was to get an equal amount of men and women to her event. Through target marketing and effective blog posts and key words, Mandy reached her goal. She designed flyers to hand out a local markets and grocery stores with neutral colors, inviting both sexes. Next she created a Facebook event that addressed men and women, advertising events and prizes for men. Her strategy was so well positioned, men were actively participating and engaging with guest speakers at her festival to promote gender equality.

Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is an active participant in her community and intends to contribute to causes that affect men and women in her community. The outspoken show girl intends to put on a similar event next year, reaching out to a greater audience to spread awareness. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is turning an unpopular word back into a popular word.

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